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Unconquered Re-Opens its Rift Chapter

After some deep thought, discussion and analyzing what we all want, Unconquered has re-opened its Rift chapter. What can I say, we aer MMO nuts and we are to the point we know what we want. UC was actually in Rift early on, but most of us decided to leave Rift in preparation for SWTOR. After over a year of focus of SWTOR, finally running through the game and spending approximately 8 months working the game and the content we just had to come to the conclusion there wasn't enough content for us. From this spawned the refurbished Rift Chapter.

Denova falls - Unconquered finally moves to EC Hard Mode

The dance was finally done. Looking back I can't say I understand why we had such a stumbling block with this, but its over now. To prove it/push it further we moved through the content yet again yesterday (sunday) and this time it was all complete.

Looking forward to Tomorrow (Tuesday) to take it Hard Mode as we finish off Nightscythe :) o/

Still kicking, still striving to move forward

Although we have been quiet, UC is a long way from being finished. As we moved through 1.2 and now play in 1.3, we have noticed a trend - each step forward we take a baby step back. With more and more members getting gear we fluxuate on availability. Three new members are welcomed and I look forward to doing more and more operations with them. Recarro our new Jedi Knight tank (I am destined to heal forever), Meng (I know I spelled that wrong) and Cyrene we inch toward 16 man. In the mean time we look for more opportunities to get them geared up and ready.

Unconquered becomes "The Infernal"

In one hour and ten minutes Unconquered cleared Eternity Vault in Nightmare Mode. As a healer my personal time is always moving around like mad watching health bars go up and down, shielding for those who have been named for the disco balls and generally having no idea how close we are, just staying focused. This run was no different, but it was very much in sync.

Nightmare Mode goes BOOM

Unconquered still works on Denova (screw you turret tanks). Today we decided to take a few more attempts, then killed off HM KP, then 4/5 on Nightmare EV (man we should have done that sooner). Either way we had a blast and I swear SOA loves to give us the worst strokes of luck.... 7700 hp and we miss the damn shield debuff... lol :) Beyond that, what a breeze :)

Rock and roll baby :) o/

Nightmare Mode goes BOOM

Denova Begins

Okay so the title is a little misleading because some of us have messed with Denova a bit here and there to include seeing it and dieing to it in a 16 man while getting ever so close to completion (shout out to REP and DA for joining with us). Anyway last night marked our first real concerted guild steps into Denova. After a couple attemps 1st boss went down. The little mini area (thank you for free loot) was down and we stood face to face with Firebrand and Stormrage.

BOOMSHAKALAKA EV HM & KP HM done in 3 hours

It was a fantastic night watching all the pieces come together PLUS massive drops to those that needed. Last night was the natural progression from last week when we almost completed everything in the time frame we wanted. However last night was a success and an amazing one. I can't explain how excited I am to have a full day dedicated to Denova. I expect we will get through it all and it will turn into our focus raid as we spend a couple more weeks in HM then moving on to Nightmare.

Unconquered, ever forward o/

Unconquered beats down EV HM and KP HM

Even with some changes, Unconquered was able to put down EV and KP where only Karagga remains (only due to time) So even with a late start we just about finished both of the Hard Modes leaving Karagga and EC for Saturday.

You may have seen the messages about us recruiting for 16 man team. If you are interested, just click on TOR FORUM above or simply visit our forums at: http://www.tor.unconquered.org/forum/index.php

Rock on UC!

Unconquered completes 4/5 Eternity Vault Hard Mode

In a stunning Sunday, Unconquered pushes the pedal down to give Eternity Vault of a bit of "what, you mad bro?" by killing off 4 of the 5 bosses on Hard Mode. I heard a letter was sent from Soa asking us to not come and beat his hind end! Not accept, Hard Mode is about to be our farming biatch.

Hats off to the team for their dedication on putting the content into the history books. Well done all, this should be a pretty awesome week. Soon as the videos are uploaded we will share them like always.



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